Changing Firefox language

I'm French, live in France, but usually prefer having my software in English.

This is so because english words are generally shorter (and thus fits more easily in a GUI) and most of the time french translations aren't optimal.

I just download the latest Firefox version from their website, and without knowing it, it was a French localized one. They do some sniffing on the user agent string and automatically download the corresponding file.

That seems a great idea, but I prefer my software in english, so I searched for a en-US.xpi file to update firefox. It does exists for any other language, but not for en-US, this being the default language, as stated in this bug report.

It seems the only way to have an english Firefox is to download the english version, there is no way to change it afterwards.

You can type about:config and change the general.useragent.locale value to en-US but it does not update the main language, only tell plugins to use that language (AFAIK).

Changing the language in the options only change the user agent string.

Well, I had to backup my profiles, uninstall FF, download the english version and reinstall it.

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