Parsing error in cakePHP view for empty file

As a convention, I never write the closing PHP tag at the end of my php files. It helps in avoiding the "header already sent" error when dealing with cookie/sessions.

However, today cake complains about

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /var/www/website/app/views/players/default.ctp on line 1

My default.ctp file only contain the following content :


It took me a couple of minutes to fix it. I only added an empty line after the opening tag, so it now read :


The first statement was a perfectly valid php file, but somehow it makes cakePHP fail.

I didn't have time to investigate on it further, nor submit a bug report (because it may well be coming from my custom app, not cake itself) but I plan to.

Tags : #cakephp #php

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