Alternate content with SWFObject

SWFObject allow a web developer to add an alternate content in place of the swf file is the user doesn't have flash installed.

In the case of a web app this is great to provide your user with a link to the Adobe website. You then tell your users Flash is needed and provide a link for them to install it.

Unfortunatly, if for one reason or another the swf file you try to load is unreachable (maybe your host is down ?), SWFObject will display the same alternate content. Meaning that a user with a perfectly correct Flash version will see an error message telling him that he does not have Flash when in fact the error is on your side.

That's not very user friendly and makes you look bad.

So, to fix this, I added two error messages as alternate content :

<div id="alternateContent" class="alternateContent">
  <div class="noFlash message">It seems that you do not have the Flash player installed. Please install it, by <a href="" target="_parent">following this link</a>.</div>
  <div class="error404 message">Sorry, we were unable to load the game. Please try again in a few moments.</div>

Then, in CSS I decided to hide them both :

.alternateContent .message { display:none; }
.alternateContent.noFlash .noFlash { display:block; }
.alternateContent.error404 .error404 { display:block; }

And finally, in Javascript I checked for the current Flash version. If it's equal to zero, it means that Flash is not installed, so I display the noFlash error message, otherwise, I guess it's a 404 error and display the other message.

var flashVersion = swfobject.getFlashPlayerVersion(),
  alternateContent = $('#alternateContent')
// Displaying one message or the other
if (flashVersion.minor=='0') {
} else {

This is not bulletproof : I only test for two cases. And a better solution would also have been to put the error message dynamically using Javascript instead of polluting the HTML markup with contradictory text.

Tags : #flash #swf #swfobject

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