Web and dev events in Paris

For the past month or so, I've attended quite a bunch of dev and web events, here in Paris.

Every time I get back from one, I wanted to post something about it. But I never did, as I always seems to have something more important to do. That's quite a shame, because those events were (for the most part) really interesting, some were even really motivating.

So, expect a full blog post on each of them in the coming days. For the time being, here is just an overview.

Paris Web is THE french web event. Two days of conferences about the web, not too technical, but very practical. Here we speak equally about the "why" than about the "how". Very great speakers, team and place. The third day is for workshops, in smaller groups.

Then comes Paris JS, held each month. It's an evening of informal talks about Javascript, a few speakers will demo an app, a framework, or talk about anything JS related. Very great to meet interesting JS fellows, and exchange about frameworks and projects.

Paris Hacker is an other informal event, where everyone is free to speak about any hacky/geeky subject. Most of the time we review the last Hacker news posts and discuss them, talk about incoming events, and so on. There almost no trolling. Most of the time.

JsGuru is a completly different kind of event. This one is a one-day Javascript formation. It costs real money this time, but you got to learn a few tricks and get your started on some frameworks and libraries like Backbone, Mustache, Lawnchair, etc.

And the final one is the Hack Day Paris. Partially organized by the same team as Paris Hacker, it was a 40hrs hackathon, with no constraint except to "build something brilliant". More than 180 fellow geeks attended, and 43 projects were finally demoed on stage. This was one of the most motivating experience I ever did.

A few days after the Hack Day, an other event was held by SFR were all the Hack Day participants were invited. Along with participant from two other events (Designer Weekend and Museomix), the goal was to help all those people to meet, and to showcase some of SFR latest innovation. This is clearly the event that I liked less.

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