Fake user profiles

For a demo website I just built I needed a set of fake user profiles. I needed something with names, address and a profile picture. I didn't want to use any data from real existing people, but still needed something the looked real enough.

So I got a sample of fake profiles from randomuser.me, making sure that no two profiles had the same picture. I also added in the mix a few pictures from my coworkers at Algolia as an easter egg.

Everything is pushed to GitHub, along with the scripts used to generate the data. Everytime you launch the script, it will generate a new list of random profiles.

Here is a sample of what a fake user looks like:

  "email": "liam.walters@example.com",
  "gender": "male",
  "phone_number": "0438-376-652",
  "birthdate": 826530877,
  "location": {
    "street": "9156 dogwood ave",
    "city": "devonport",
    "state": "australian capital territory",
    "postcode": 7374
  "username": "biglion964",
  "password": "training",
  "first_name": "liam",
  "last_name": "walters",
  "title": "mr",
  "picture": "men/50.jpg"

And the full dataset can be downloaded from GitHub as well, and all pictures referenced in the list are also available in the repo.

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