Freelancing, I miss you

Well, it's been one month and a half now that I've put my freelance activites on hold. I'm in contract with a big company to develop an internal application.

The purpose of the application is really interesting, the guy I'm working with is too, but the language I have to use as well as the all-administrative thing of big companies like that is... well... let's just say I LOVE being a freelancer PHP developper.

One more month and a half and it will be over. I allready have learn a lot about metadatas in general and particularly Exif, Iptc and XMP. I've also learned a little about Coldfusion. Enough to know that I won't work with that language again, unless I'm forced too.

In the remaining week, I'll also learn EXTJs, and this part seems promising. I guess leaving jQuery and its easy syntax will be hard at first, but all the data handling of EXTJs seems really powerful.

Anyway, when that contract will be over, I'll be back to Caracole and I have so many ideas of features and whole websites that I want to create...

I would like to make the admin panel of Caracole the one thing an administrator would have to check to see if everything is going well on its website. I allready have an extended PHPInfo()highlighting possible misconfiguration but I want to push that further by integrating Google Analytics, checking the Gmail inbox associated as well as integrating the PHPSec library.

In the future I also plan on creating a photography website for Street Art and graffitis, with gelocalisation, metadatas saving of the author and place, possibility to upload photo directly from a mobile phone, etc

The old ideas about my own personal website, a quizz website, or one for rating driver's ed are still in my mind. Wait and see.

Tags : #xmp #phpsec #php #metadatas #iptc #google-analytics #gmail #exif #coldfusion #caracole

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