My name is Tim Carry, I write code and build communities.

I'm a Dev Advocate at Algolia (for the second time) and I worked in the past with great people at Contentsquare, Doctolib and Octo Technology. I'm also involved in tech communities such as the HumanTalks, Tech Lunch, SecAtScale or PlatformAtScale.

I've been building websites since 1998, at a time where jQuery on IE6 was the most hype thing you could do. Today, I spend more time in the command-line or in vim, hacking scripts together, automating as much as I can and manually building the rest.

I'm also a public speaking coach, and you can find me attending tech events (local meetups and larger conferences), either as a speaker, mentor or attendee. Helping people share tech knowledge is my passion.

When not coding, you'll probably find me reading, crafting or playing D&D.