Hi there,

My full name is Timothée Carry-Caignon, but I usually shorten it to Tim Carry. It seems most people have trouble remembering and spelling the longer version correctly. Strange isn't it ? I never had any trouble with it myself.

I've been building websites since around 1998. My main area of expertise is front-end stuff, weaving HTML, CSS and JavaScript. PHP, Ruby and Node.js aren't foreign languages either. I'm also a practioner of the dark arts of Linux and vim, and I'm developing a growing interest in the DevOps side of things.

I'm living in Paris, France, and am attending many tech meetups there. There's nothing more valuable than chatting with fellow passionate people to expand one knowledge.

In the past, I've worked in small agencies, done some freelancing work, seen the birth and death of a startup, took a year off in New Zealand and worked as a consultant for Octo Technology. I am currently doing awesome and fast stuff at Algolia.

This website is the third version of my blog, I hope you'll enjoy it.

Feel free to contact me for any comment or question by email : tim@I'll let you guess the domain. You can also follow me on Twitter or GitHub.

Thanks for reading !