Learning extJs

Today, the jquery 1.4 version was released, and today is the day where I start to learn extJs (don't ask me why).

EXTJs seems to be promising, it seems really easy to make powerful and professional-looking interfaces for handling data with it.

When learning Coldfusion I was often horrified by the really poor html example code shipped with the Coldfusion example : , , multiple nested tables.

With EXTJs, it seems to be the same, the basic page setup tell me not to put a Doctype to my page to "avoid IE problems", as well as putting my javascript in the head of the page...

That is simply horrible advices. I hope the rest of the framewok is not of the same kind or learning it will be painful.

One thing that is quite frustrating with their documentation is that it is absolutly not up to date. It is refering to 1.0 or 2.0 version even if the current one is 3.0.

I resort to reading the "Learning EXTJs" book (if you know how to properly use google, you should find a full PDF online). It told me a lot of things about the approach of the framework, I sincerely recommend that you read it if you want to learn ExtJs. Too bad the book was released before the 3.0 version, but by refering to the API whenever you need to use a new class, you should be ok

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