Debugging a Squirrel webmail

This is a quick blogpost, essentially as a reminder for myself :

A client of mine is using the Squirrel mail webmail. Once in a while, I have a call from him telling me that he can't access its account. The cause is always the same : there is way too much mails saved in his account and Squirrel mail choke on this, refusing to display the page.

The solution is simple, I just have to remove all the mails (except maybe the 100 or so last ones) and save them in a another directory, for archiving. The directory to save is /home/mailusers/c/contact/cur

But, thinking I was clever, instead of copying all the files to a new cur- save-2009 directory I thought it would be faster to rename the current directory to cur-save-2009 and create a new empty cur dir. Except that I forgot that I was loggued in as rootand the directory must have a user/group set as postfix...

That's it, I just had to not forgot to set the owner/group of the cur/ directory as postfix once cleared.

Tags : #webmail #squirrelmail #postfix #mail

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