Unresponding jQuery UI dialog box

As this is the second time I encounter this "issue", I think it may be clever to post it here. At least, I won't have to debug it all the down again next time.

In a nutshell, I was working on a complex UI that involve several layers of dialog boxes, each one on top of the previous one. Each new dialog box is supposed to offer the user something to do, and once it is done, the dialog box disapear and the user can get back to the previous one.

The "issues" I was having was after closing a specific window, I wasn't able to focus the previous one. I mean, the window was there, I was even able to update its fields using jQuery, but I couldn't focus it either using keyboard or mouse.

After some digging, it appears that I wasn't correctly "closing" the previous window. I was actually doing a .dialog('destroy') instead of a .dialog('close') and this was causing my issue.

Calling closehides the dialog box, but keep it in the DOM. That way if I ever need the same dialog box again, jQuery is smart enough to re-use it.

Calling destroyon the other hand actually remove the dialog box from the DOM, forcing jQuery to recreate it from scrath.

It appears that calling destroyin my case caused a strange lose of focus, so I reverted to close instead.

Tags : #jquery-ui #focus #dialog

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