cakePHP i18n extract and plugins

Cake has a lot of wonderful tools in its console. One of them is the i18n extract task that reads every file of your app, and extract strings that should be translated (used with __(), __d(), etc).

With cake 1.3 RC3 it even stored each domain string in its own .pot file.

But, as far as I know (I've posted on the google group about that, maybe someone will show me where I'm wrong), the console task is limited when dealing with plugins.

Let's say I have a plugin in my app. I'm using __d('plugin_name', 'My plugin string') in my plugin and __('My app string') in the main app.

If I run the cake i18n extract in my plugin directory, it will correctly generate the .potfile in my plugin locale/ folder.

But if I run it in the main app, it will scan every plugin file and thus finding any plugin string and save them in the default.pot or in its own plugin_name.pot file (depending on the value of the merge option).

I don't need the plugin_name.pot files in app/locale, I already have them in app/plugins/plugin_name/locale. I know it's no big deal, I just have to delete the useless files created every time I run the cake i18n extract on the main app but it is kind of irritating.

So I updated the cake/console/libs/tasks to add a new option to the task, named 'plugins' (value : yes/no. Default to no).

If set to no, the extract task will skip every plugin directory when extracting files. This way, I have no more clutter, it only extract string that are in the app.

All I had to do was updating the execute() method, and replacing the end of the method (from line 152) with this one :

$this->params['plugins'] = isset($this->params['plugins']) ? $this->params['plugins'] : 'no';
if (empty($this->__files)) {
  if ($this->params['plugins']=='yes') {
  } else {

And then add this method to the class :

function __searchFilesExcludePlugins() {
  foreach ($this->__paths as $path) {
    $Folder = new Folder($path);
    $filelist = $Folder->tree($path);
    foreach($filelist[1] as &$file) {
      // We discard plugins
      if (strpos(str_replace($path, '', $file), DS.'plugins')===0) continue;
      // We keep those that match the pattern
      if (!preg_match('/^.*\.(php|ctp|thtml|inc|tpl)$/i', $file)) continue;
      $this->__files[]= $file;

Tags : #i18n #extract #core #cakephp

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