-webkit-box-shadow inset value

Webkit browsers (Safari and Chrome) have the -webkit-box-shadow property defined to add shadows to elements. Shadow can either be outside the box, or inside it (using the inset parameter).

Unfortunatly, only the latest Webkit nightlies have the inset parameter functionnal, Safari 4 does not.

Chrome does indeed have the inset parameter, but it also have a bug when used in conjunction with the -webkit-border-radius property : the inset shadow is visible "behind" the element where the borders are rounded.

This bug does not occur on Mac, but as I have no way to target a certain OS when writing CSS rules, I decided to remove inset box-shadow for webkit browsers on my actual projects, I may re-insert them later when both issues will be fixed.

Tags : #webkit #safari #inset #chrome #box-shadow #border-radius

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