Opening a new tab using Ctrl+Click on Opera

One thing that bugs me everytime I use Opera are the weird keyboard shortcuts. You open link in a new tab by using the middle mouse button (classic) or Shift+click (less classic, we are accustomed to use the Ctrl+Click, Shift+Click being used to open in a new window).

Today it was bugging me one too many times, so I decided to use the power of AutoHotKey to help fix this.

Here is the little snippet I added to my default AutoHotKey script :

;        Open page in new tab in Opera using Ctrl + Click
#ifWinActive, ahk_class OpWindow
^LButton::Send +{LButton}

It basically catch every Shift+Click in Opera and return a Ctrl+Click instead, allowing me to finally open tabs the way I'm used to.

Tags : #opera #javascript #css #autohotkey #ahk

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