Rendering bug with generated content on form fields in Opera

If you try the following code in Opera 10.51, you'll have some weird rendering bug :

  .test:after {
    content:"This should be on red background";
 Text input : <input type="text" value="I'm unstyled" class="test" />

The generated content is added to the page, but the background color isn't rendered. Worse, the input lose all styling, it does not have a background color nor borders anymore.

The same effect also apply to every input(radio, checkboxand password).

On a select tag, the generated content correctly have it's background color, but still lose all styling.

On a textarea, the styling is gone too, and the background color is here. Well, sort of, it is actually cropped after a while and the end of the text is on transparent background.

I sent a bug report to Opera about that.

Tags : #opera #input #css #content #bug #after

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