Tweaking tinyMCE

I'm in the process of tweaking a tinyMCE install to use a custom set of plugins and a custom skin to better fit in the Caracole CMS. This would allow me to re-use CSS and JS code I've already coded.

Fortunatly, I'm getting better and better at understanding the way tinyMCE works and the various configuration options and how to tweak them.

I also want the tinyMCE CSS rules to be integrated into the main CSS file of my app (packed and minified using CSSTidy). So I defined a custom skin in the tinyMCE setup, named 'caracole'. This way, all the CSS skinning classes will be prefixed with caracoleas I don't want to mess with the default skins.

I also copied the ui.css file from the themes/advanced/skins/default to my own css directory, renamed it to tinymce.css, replaced all .default occurences to .caracole and added this file to the list of files being processed by the main packer.

This way I can easily update any css file from the same directory, without having to dive into the tinymce subdirectories.

Unfortunatly, by doing so, tinyMCE continue to load the tiny_mce/themes/advanced/skins/caracole/ui.css file (have a look at Firebug if you don't trust me). It took me some time to figure out where that call was made from. It is actually on editor_template.js (around line 150 in dev version).

As I didn't want to load this file twice, I tried to disable this call. I could have manually patched the source file but I don't want to, it would make any future update a pain. So I tried to find an other way.

Looking at the loadCSSmethod, it appears that there is a mechanism to prevent loading twice the same file. If the file is already present in the .files array, it won't be added. Ok, so now I just have to manually add the file before the call is made.

That's where the setup callback come into play. I just defined in my inyMCE.init :

  skin: 'caracole',
  editor_css: 'caracoleDoNotInclude',
  setup: function(editor) {
    tinymce.DOM.files['http://'+document.domain+'/caracoleDoNotInclude'] = true;

Doing so, the loadCSSwill try to load the caracoleDoNotInclude file (clearly this name is a placeholder, I have no such file). And in the setup method I manually tell tinyMCE that this file is already loaded so when it will initiate, it won't load the file at all.

Same goes for the content_css, the file that handle the look and feel of the editable zone. I don't want to have my file in the tinyMCE skin directory, I'd rather have it with my other CSS files.

So I defined a custom content_css to point to my file. I also had to update the setup method to mark the file as already loaded. But this time, as the file is loaded on a per instance basis, this is the editor.dom.files that I have to update, not the general tinymce.DOM.

Fortunatly, the latest tinyMCE version expose their event API, so it was just a matter of defining the following event in the main setup :

setup: function(editor) {
  tinymce.DOM.files[baseUrl+'caracoleDoNotInclude'] = true;
  editor.onPreInit.add(function(editor) {
    editor.dom.files[baseUrl+'js/vendors/tiny_mce/themes/advanced/skins/caracole/content.css'] = true;

Edit :

Note that in the latest tinyMCE version, the code is slightly different because you have to call a special method on the url before adding it to the editor.dom.files

editor.onPreInit.add(function(editor) {
  editor.dom.files[editor.baseURI.toAbsolute('http://'+document.domain+'/js/vendors/tiny_mce/themes/advanced/skins/caracole/content.css')] = true;

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