Arsys, a registrar to avoid

When I use great registrars or hosting services, I say so, and loudly. From all those that I have tested, there is no better registrar than Gandi and no better hosting service than Dreamhost.

But when I encounter really lousy services, I won't hide to say so too.

Arsys is one of them. It's a franco-german-spanish registrar. I just needed to change the DNS server of a domain on it, and even that was impossible.

When I tried to put Dreamhost NS servers in the form and submit it, I was greeted with a bold red error message telling me that an error occured and asking me to try again later.

I did try again later, just to receive the exact same error message.

I wouldn't have to leave Arsys default NS servers if at least they allowed me to configure A, CNAME and MX records as I wanted but unfortunatly, none of this is available.

I tried to contact their support service, to tell them my problem, but here again I was faced with an error message on a blank page (in spanish this time) telling me that the server encountered a problem and that I needed to contact an administrator (sic)

So I tried to find a contact page on their public site, and after some 404 errors finally found an email address.

I send them a email telling them about my problems. They answer stating that if I have any problem, I should use their contact form to contact I tried, and this time it worked.

It's been 4 days, and I haven't heard from them yet. In the meantime, I choose to quit this registrar and moved the domain to Gandi.

What is the most strange is that when you google them you got lot of praises about their wonderful customer service... After having tested it, I just don't buy it.

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