Meeting with Eric Daspet and Stoyan Stefanov in Paris

On July 21st will be held an informal meeting in Paris for all the web developers that have an interest in web performance.

Eric Daspet and Stoyan Stefanov will be there and host a talk about performance impact on sales and some more technical less known facts.

The first part will be in French while Stoyan's will be in English. If you have the chance to be in Paris in July, do not miss this event.

I will, of course, be there. Eric Daspet is the french "gourou" on web performances, and Stoyan Stefanov is one of the main author of the Smushit plugin/websit.

Web performance is a really interesting subject where there is so much to learn and so much to try.

Tags : #stoyan-stefanov #smushit #performance #eric-daspet

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