cakePHP testing tip : Creating or edit a datasource on the fly

For one of the tests I'm currently writing, I needed to assert that my method was correctly returning an error if the connection to the database was impossible.

I couldn't find an easy way to change datasource credentials once the app was initiated, so I decided to manually update the ConnectionManager inner values.

Here's how I did it :

// Getting the datasource cache in the ConnectionManager object
$connectionManagerInstance = ConnectionManager::getInstance();
$databaseConfig = &$connectionManagerInstance->_dataSources;

// Saving the initial setting for reverting it later
$_defaultConfig = $databaseConfig['default'];

// Changing the password so the credentials will fail
$databaseConfig['default']->config['password'].= 'pass';

// Getting the updated datasource
$connect = ConnectionManager::getDataSource('default');

// Error handling when connection unavailable

// And reverting the settings back
$databaseConfig['default'] = $_defaultConfig;

This proved really useful when testing to simulate a database server error.

Tags : #datasource #tests #connectionmanager #cakephp

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