Using a fixture with a model using $useTable in cakePHP

It seems that if you're creating a fixture for a model that uses an unconventional table name, the CakeTestFixturedoes not manage to correctly create the needed table when your test starts.

In fact, it will try to insert the fixture records into the right table (the one defined in $useTable), but won't have created the table beforehand.

In fact this is because it will correctly rely on the model $useTable property when inserting records but will try to guess the table name based on the model name when creating the table.

Anyway, the quick fix I've found so far is to define the $table property of your fixture to match your model $useTable.

class Client extends Model {
  var $useTable = 'users';

class ClientFixture extends CakeTestFixture {
  var $table= 'users';

I've filed a bug report as well as suggested a fix to allow cake to automatically use the correct table.

Tags : #bug #cakephp #unit-testing #fixture #usetable

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