One thing that may turn me to Ruby : LESS

I often hear how Ruby is better than PHP, that cakePHP is only a port of the Ruby on Rail framework and that the original is much more powerful.

Well, I've been tempted to try and learn Ruby for some quite time now. But I've been a little scared by the fact of having to learn a whole new language when I'm now getting pretty good with cake.

That and the shortage of hosts with a support for Ruby out there keep me away from it.

LESS, a Ruby only little gem

But one thing that may change my mind is LESS, the CSS as it should have been written since day one. It allows, in an extremely simple syntax, to define variables, functions, nested definitions, easier selectors.

Unfortunatly, the parser only exists as a Ruby gem, too bad for my php apps.

Why I don't use the javascript version

There is Javascript version of the parser, but I don't like the idea of having CSS rendering based on script execution. It means that if I'm browsing without scripts enabled, I won't have any styling.

Styling and Scripting are two very different things, one should work without the other and vice versa

So maybe, when the syntax will be parsed directly by browsers (one could dream...), or if a PHP parser is released I'll try it right away, but until them, I'll stick with my rusty CSS.


Well, some hours after posting this I just stumbled upon that. I guess I'll try LESS in php world after all !

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