Correctly instanciating models in components

I sometime need access to a specific model in a component. Say a Usermodel for checking user rights in an Authcomponent. In that cases, I just create an instance of the model by calling a $myModel = &ClassRegistry::init($myModelName). It works perfectly.

Today I found that it wasn't working exactly as I wanted. In fact, behaviors used by models loaded that way are not completely set up. All their callback methods (beforeFind, afterFind, beforeSave, afterSave) works as expected, but the main setup method is never called.

This caused some havoc in my app because some *reaaaaally *important stuff was defined in the setup method

There I fixed it

I just manually fired all the setup methods by calling a simple :

foreach($myModel->Behaviors->_attached as $behaviorName) {

Once again, small fix, but does the trick. I did not file a bug report because I'm not really sure this is bug or if that is so by design.

Tags : #behaviors #cakephp #classregistry #php #setup

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