Corrupted strings when using strtolower()

Little blog post at 5am, I'll try to make it very short, I need some sleep.

To avoid getting corrupted string results when calling strtoloweron UTF8 strings, you can call mb_strtolower instead. The mb_* functions are aware of the utf8 encoding.

Unfortunatly, sometime you just can't, because the call is made in the cakePHP core (Inflector). Defining a CTYPElocale for your whole app may be a better solution.

Just add a setlocale(LC_CTYPE, 'C'); in your app and all your utf8 strings will correctly work with string functions.

Just note that on Windows, calling setlocale will change the locale for all threads, not just the one where PHP is running. This may cause unexpected results.

Tags : #lc-ctype #setlocale #utf8 #php

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