Preventing tinyMCE from wrapping <img /> in <p>

If you just want to add a presentational image in a tinyMCE editor, you'll find out very quickly that it will be wrapped in <p></p> without you asking.

The question has been asked several times on the tinyMCE forums, but the answers never quite satisfied me. It ranges from the classical "Why do you want to do this ? You should better use <insert semantic element and css here>" to "Just do a regexp before displaying your content to remove the bad <p>...</p>".

This clearly did not satisfy me.

The solution was to define theforced_root_block setting value to false, allowing us to create any element on the top level, and not having it automatically wrapped in <p>.

Fixing the side effect

Allowing for elements to be input directly in the root level has the nasty side effect of creating tinyMCE editor instances with a default text of, well, nothing, instead of the really usefull <p> tag. Also, if you do a Ctrl+A and delete all content, you'll end up with an empty editor without the initial <p> tags

To fix this part, I just added an onNodeChangeevent to fire every time the content is changed. I test the current content and if empty add the <p> tag. There is a little subtelty though, to correctly place the caret where needed.

In your tinyMCE.init call, just add the following setup key :

  setup: function(editor) {
    editor.onNodeChange.add(function(editor, cm, e, c, o) {
      var editorContent = editor.getContent();
      if (editorContent==="") {
        // We set content as a <p> containing a placeholder, then we delete the placeholder to place the caret
        editor.setContent('<p><span id="__CaretPlacholder">Placeholder</span></p>');'#__CaretPlacholder')[0]);

Before finding this solution, I tried the onBeforeSetContentcallback, but due to a bug in the tinyMCE source, it couldn't handle well the case where the editor is empty. So I had to resort to a more generic callback.

Tags : #onbeforesetcontent #oninit #tinymce #javascript

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