The multi-tab admin problem

Today I had to update an important zone file at my registrar. Because it was quite important, and because I already did an almost identical job a few months ago, I decided to copy-paste the old work.

So I started by opening the domain A zone edit page. ThenĀ  I opened a new tab, and loaded the domain B zone edit page.

I selected the domain B content and copied it in the domain A page. I had to update some values, mostly IP addresses, and then validate the page.

Instead of updating the domain A zones as I expected, it updated the domain B zones and left the domain A unchanged. Can you guess why ?

Session handling

My guess is that everytime I opened a new page, a Session was tracking my "current" domain, the one I was editing. So opening a new tab to a new domain changed my current domain from domain A to domain B.

Therefore, when I updated the domain A zone, the next page was assuming I was editing the domain B page. If I had opened the tabs in reverse order, it would have worked seamlessly.

Why doing that ?

I have encountered a similar behavior in my own apps. By using the cakePHP Security behavior, a special security token is generated for each form. Its integrity is checked whenever a form is posted, and verify that no field has been tampered (no mandatory field has been deleted, no new field has been added).

This is a great security component, but because a special key is stored on the Session side, it also means that whenever you open several tabs, only the latest can be correctly checked and all other one will get rejected.

It bugs me at first, because I used to open several tabs whenever I need to "batch add" a lot of items. In real life, I found that I was almost the only person to do that... So I finally accepted the multi-tab restriction.

Getting back to my registrar : I guess they did it that way because of security reasons too, but I found it particularly counter-intuitive in that case and that could have led to serious damages.

Tags : #security #tabs #session

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