Komodo Edit Tip : Using regexp in search/replace

Here's a little tip. As I started to use more and more often the regexp search and replace feature of Komodo Edit, I guessa quick blog note could be useful.

I had to "simplify" a big HTML file a while ago, and searching for useless tags and then replacing them using this feature saved me a lot of time.

Note that you can use \n and \t for new line and tabulation respectively.

I also had to change the order of attributes in all <img> tags (according to Google Page Speed, this is supposed to help the Gzip algorithm in compressing data).

I just had to search for

<img src="(.*)" width="(.*)" height="(.*)" alt="(.*)">

and replace with

<img src="\1" alt="\4" height="\3" width="\2">

Tags : #komodo #regexp

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