The dreaded <noscript> on IE7

This <noscript> tag on IE7 is making me crazy. Here are some "interesting" facts about it :

No content through Javascript

You can't get its content though javascript. It can be targeted but neither .innerHTML nor .textContent is set. It does not have any .childNodes either.

Gets displayed even when scripts are enabled

If you set noscript { display:block; border:15px solid red;}, it will get displayed even if Javascript is enabled. But with no content inside, you'll only have borders and background...

Styling it anyway

If you want to style it, just add an inner element and style this one :

<noscript><p>Lorem ipsum</p></noscript>
noscript p { background:blue; }

Disabling Javascript on IE7

If you want to disable Javascript on IE7, you'll have to go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom and setting the "Enable ASP scripts" to No.

Yes, this doesn't make any sense.

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