Detecting fullscreen in tinyMCE

I wanted one of my tinyMCE plugins to fire a certain set of actions whenever the full screen mode was activated.

I search for an onFullScrenevent or somethin similar but to no avail. I finally discovered that the full screen actually creates a whole new tinymce editor instance.

So the only thing I had to do was writing my little piece of code in the init method of my plugin and check to see if the fullscreen was enabled.

The initial fullscreen plugin exposes a fullscreen_is_enabled param that can be checked.

All I had to do was a simple condition like : if (editor.getParam('fullscreen_is_enabled')) {}. And once in the condition I tried to execute my custom code. I needed the editor.execCommand method but all I got was an error because t.selection was not set.

It appears that the execCommand can only be executed when the full editor instance is loaded (and thus a t.selection is created). So I wrap my little piece of code into a setInterval checking for editor.selection and finally executed my code when the .selectionwas set.

Here is my final snippet, to be included in my plugin initmethod :

if (editor.getParam('fullscreen_is_enabled')) {
  var fullScreenInterval = setInterval(function() {
    if (!editor.selection) return false;
  }, 1000);

Tags : #fullscreen #tinymce #javascript #execcommand

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