Moving from Delicious to Pinboard

As you may have heard, Yahoo! is closing Delicious. I had started to use Delicious a lot lately, to work as a decentralised save of all my bookmarks and being able to search through them easily.

In my recent attempt to save as much of my work online, losing Delicious would meant losing a large part of collective wisdom. So I search for an alternative.

I finally registered for Pinboard a few days ago. It allows an easy way to import Delicious bookmarks in a matter of seconds and has all the features of Delicious I wanted.

It is not free however, but the one-time fee depends on the number of people using the service. I payed mine 9.12$.

The website itself is not as good looking as Delicious (ahem), but it does provide a cleaner search experience (in my point of view). I really don't care about other people bookmark, I only search through mine.

Tags : #pinboard #delicious

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