PHP sessions and the Pragma:no-cache header

You may have seen the Pragma:no-cache response header on various website (if you're that kind of guy actually reading HTTP response headers...).

What you may not know is that this Header doesn't actually exists. The Pragma header is supposed to be *Request *header, not a *Response *header.

It is not only useless, it may also trigger strange caching bugs in IE6. I'm sure you know what kind of IE6 quirks I'm talking about. The best is to remove it, just to be sure.

This is a common misconception (I myself didn't know that before reading this excellent caching tutorial), and that header is still returned in a lot of request.

For example, if you set your session.cache_limiter to nocachein your php.ini, then PHP will send this header (as defined in the sessioncachelimiter doc. This is obviously wrong.

It also adds a weird Expires: Thu, 19 Nov 1981 08:52:00 GMT header. I don't like it as it allow easy fingerprinting of the server-side technology used.

I changed my session.cache_delimiter value to private_no_expire to return better headers.

First, it removed the useless Pragma, but it also removes the Expires header (Cache-Control is enough).

Tags : #php #cache #session #webperf #wpo #pragma #cache-delimiter

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