Selecting checked radio button with jQuery and IE8

Ever tried to select the checked radiobutton of a form using jQuery ? Well I did, and hundreds of time before, and never ran into any issues.

Today's the first time, and it involves my dear friend IE8. Seems like either jQuery or IE8 had trouble with my radio button selection.

I finally managed to get what I wanted but with a sightly different syntax for IE8.

First, the markup

<form id="myForm">
  <input name="data[Payment][value]" id="payment_1500" type="radio" value="1500" />
  <label for="payment_1500">1500</label><br />

  <input name="data[Payment][value]" id="payment_2000" type="radio" value="2000" />
  <label for="payment_2000">2000</label><br />

  <input name="data[Payment][value]" id="payment_5000" type="radio" value="5000" />
  <label for="payment_5000">5000</label><br />

  <button id="test">Select</button>

Pretty simple, isn't it ? I only have three radiobuttons, and I would like to get the selected value when pressing the Select button.

What should work everywhere

The following code is pretty straightforward and I expected it to just work.

var selected1 = $('#myForm input[name="data\\[Payment\\]\\[value\\]"]:checked');
var value1 = selected1.val();

Note that we have to double escape the [ and ] characters and wrap in quotes the namevalue. Nothing fancy, just classic string protection. This code works perfectly on Firefox and Chrome, and I deployed it in production for a few weeks.

Then, I got report of users that would have love to use the form, but got an error because no value was selected. I tested and tested it again without finding the cause. Then it occurs to me that all those reports came from user using IE8.

So I rebooted my VM, launched IE8 and was able to reproduce the bug on my first try.

What the heck is IE8 doing ?

Well, that's a deep question, and I've ask this myself countless times before. Once more, IE is doing things in its own weird way.

After some fiddling, I managed to make it work, by just slightly altering the syntax.

var selected2 = $('#myForm input[name="data\\[Payment\\]\\[value\\]"]').filter(':checked');
var value2 = selected2.val();

Yep, that's right, I simply moved the :checked selector in its own filter call and it worked. Took me a while to figure, but this finally turned out to be an easy fix.

You can test it yourself with this jsFiddle example. Don't forget to enable the log panel in IE8 by pressing F12 before running the code.

Tags : #jquery #radio #ie8 #checked

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