Show and hide Flash elements without redraw

Imagine you have a Flash element in your HTML markup. If you apply any show/hidelogic to it, the flash will be reset and played back to its first frame.

Actually, as soon as you change the displayproperty of an element, if forces all inner Flash element to be restarted.

There are a few ways you can work around that, and here are the two main I'm using

Your Flash file is in a tab

Fairly common scenario, you have tabs on your page (maybe using jQuery UI or a custom code). When you display your Flash tab, all others are hidden, and when you display another tab, the Flash one is hidden.

Instead of using display:none / display:block, we'll be a little more sneaky and not really "hide" the element, but simply put it out of the user view.

Just apply the following CSS rule to the element you want to hide. It will just display it offscreen.

.tabHidden {

Don't forget to add a position:relative to the HTML parent of your tab for the absolute positionning to work.

You have multiple Flash files in a list

This one is trickier. Imagine you have a list of elements, and each row contains a Flash file. You want to filter the list based on various criterias and only show the rows matching.

You can't use the previous technique here because some elements of your list will be in relative positionning while others will be in absolute positionning. And everytime you change the positionproperty of your element, the Flash will be reset.

The trick here is to play with your element dimensions and visibility. You can change the visibilitywithout triggering a redraw. As this will only make the element invisible but still taking space, you just have to put its height and widthto 0 to make it effectively disappear.

.listElementHidden {

The margin:0px is here to clear any margin you might have defined around your element.

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