Getting list of Facebook friends from a test account

To get the list of friends of a specific user, you are supposed to issue a simple GETrequest to me/friends (or USER_ID/friends), passing the user accessToken in the request.

Facebook used to return an array named data where each value is an object representing a friend. Each of this objects had two keys : idand name.

Until yesterday, it worked well.

Today, it seems broken for test users. The namekey is no longer returned in the call, you only get id.

I'm not sure it's intentionnal or not. At least I haven't seen any notice about this change. But I'm not sure it's a bug either, as Facebook documentation is crappy, we never really know if the output we got is the expected one or if it's a bug.

I'm not even sure we were supposed to get the namein the first place, actually.

What is definitely a bug is that the behavior is different for test users that for classic users.

Tags : #facebook

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