PHP AND / OR differences with && / ||

Just found this weird little behavior of PHP today :

$a = false;
$b = true;
$c = $a OR $b;
$d = ($a OR $b);
var_dump(compact('a', 'b', 'c', 'd'));
array(4) {
  ["a"]=>    bool(false)
  ["b"]=>    bool(true)
  ["c"]=>    bool(false)
  ["d"]=>    bool(true)

$a OR $b in fact returns $a, while ($a OR $b) returns the result of the parenthesis. On the other hand, $a || $b correctly returns the result of the expression.

It seems that ANDand ORare weak compared to && and ||.

Be aware of that, or it might backfire on you. Or just discard all AND/ OR in favor of && /||

Tags : #php

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