Downloading all the TEDTalk podcasts

As I'm about to move for a couple of long months without an internet connection and a lot of travel hours, I thought of downloading the TEDTalk podcasts.

Being a linux user for about a year now, I'm taking the habit of using the linux tools to do the boring and repetitive work. Downloading more than a hundred files seems like a good candidate for a script.

The complete list of audio podcasts is available here. I simply selected all text and copied it into a file.txt.

Then, it was simply a matter of extracting only the urls, and feeding them to wget

cat file.txt | tr ' ' '\n' | tr '\t' '\n' | grep http > list.txt
wget --no-clobber -i list.txt

This took a while to download as there are more than 400 files, but that way I'll have some interesting talks to listen to during my trip.

Tags : #wget, #tedtalk, #podcast, #linux

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