This blog got hacked

Today, at about 9pm (GMT+12), I found my own blog hacked. When I wanted to access it, I was redirected to a malware site.

Half an hour later, it is back online again, and here is what I did.

First, I downloaded the webpage on my computer using curl analyse it in search of a clue on the attack vector.

Unfortunatly, I couldn't easily find the culprit. No img tag loading a php file, no XSS injection that I could find. My guess is that the attacker tampered the js files loaded to add its own custom evil script. But as my js files are concatened and compressed in a file with a md5 name, it wasn't obvious that they had been compromised.

After that, I sshed to the server and tried to find what files where modified since my last commit. As I'm using Mercurial for that, this was a simple matter of hg status.

And I got a shitload of result. Actually, all my php files had been modified (and as I'm using cakePHP, that means, a lot of file). Running hg diff, I found out that all the php code of each file had been replaced with an evil code (enclosed in several layers of eval+base64).

I updated my working directory to the latest commit with hg update --clean to get all those files as they were before the attack. Running hg status once more still showed a bunch of new php files added. Running hg purge finally get rid of them.

I finally deleted all the compressed css and js files, to force them to be created again, and that's it, the website is online again.

I still don't have a clue on how this happened. How did someone access my files ? Is that an XSS attack ? Is my password cracked ? Is there another security weakness I'm not aware of ?

EDIT : Got hacked again. Seeing that the cakePHP Cache files were deleted, I guess it is a known attack on a cake vulnerability. Got the website up again, but will fix it as soon as my holidays allow.

Tags : #security, #hack

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