Migrating to Jekyll

You might have noticed that the skin of the website changed. Actually, I've updated pretty much every aspect of the stack underneath.

This was a cakePHP blog, it is now a static site generated through Jekyll. This was a custom skin, this is now heavily based on Hyde. This was versioned using Mercurial, and is now using Git (and the source code is available on GitHub). And finally, it was hosted on a shared host on Dreamhost and is now served by a private ks-3.

No more mysql database for the posts, everything is now simple markdown files. This is much more easier to commit and backup, and it is also much more easier for me to write posts, as I only need a text editor.

I had to create an nginx config file to handle all the redirects from the previous urls. At first I thought of hosting it on GitHub Pages, but as my Jekyll install is quite personalized (tags, archives, etc) I needed more flexibility, so in the end I build the website locally and rsync the output to the server.

One of the main features missing from this new version is the ability to leave comments. I'm working on it.

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