Automatically save pictures from phone to Dropbox folder

The Dropbox app on my Android offers to automatically save pictures I take to my Dropbox account. That is a very great feature, removing the pain of doing backup of pictures on a regular basis.

But it actually saves them in a special Dropbox folder named Camera Uploads, one that cannot be moved, and is not synchronized with the desktop Dropbox.

So I create a special ifttt recipe that will copy any new picture added to this folder into a real Dropbox folder. I simply chose Dropbox as the input, with /Camera Uploads as the folder to listen to. Then I also chose Dropbox as the ouput, as the File URL, as the File name, and chose one of my folders for the Dropbox path folder.

Now, whenever I take a picture on my phone, it gets saved on my Dropbox account, and then ifttt kicks in and copy it to another directory in my Dropbox which will in turn save it on my local Dropbox folder.

That's quite circumvoluted to simply save a picture from my phone to my computer, but that's still the easiest way I found.

Tags : #dropbox #ifttt

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