Sending data to an iframe with Vue.js

Communicating from a parent window to a child iframe is a known problem in JavaScript and has already been solved. How to do it in the context of a Vue.js application is slightly different but based on the same principles.

I was confronted with the matter yesterday and had to find an elegant way to send data (credentials) from the parent window to a child iframe from my Vue.js app. Here's how I did it.

Initial markup

Both the parent (main window) and child (iframe) need some specific markup for this to work:

<!-- App.vue template -->
// App.vue script
function findIframeByName(name) {
  return _.find(window.frames, frame => === name);

export default {
  methods: {
    onLoadIframe(event) {
      const iframe = findIframeByName(;
        appID: "SECRET_APP_ID",
        apiKey: "SECRET_API_KEY"
<!-- iframe.html -->
  <script type="text/javascript">
    window.doSomething = function(parentData) {;

How does this work?

When you'll load App.vue, the template will be rendered and will create the iframe, loading iframe.html in turn.

Because we added a v-on:load event on the iframe, we'll be able to know when the iframe will be loaded. At that point, we can read the property .currentTarget of the fired event.

This will give us a reference to the iframe HTML element. We can't do much with the HTML element; we can't access the window object that is inside of it directly.

But what we can do is reading its name attribute (myIframe). Then, using the findIframeByName method, we will loop over all the window.frames elements until we find the one that matches the name.

window.frames contains reference to all the sub-windows, so we can now start calling any method defined in the global window namespace of the child iframe. In our case, the window.doSomething method.


The basic trick here is to wait for the iframe to load, then get hold of a reference to its inside window object, to then call any globally available method available in it.

Tags : #vuejs #iframe

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