Search and replace with zsh

To search and replace with zsh, there are two ways.

With ${var//XXX/YYY}

This will replace all occurences of XXX in $var with YYY.

Note that you can interpolate variables inside of XXX, so ${var//${input}/YYY} with input="foo" will replace foo with YYY in $var.

You can use only one / instead of // to only replace the first occurence.

With ${var:gs/XXX/YYY}

The :s/XXX/YYY modifier is the basic syntax to replace XXX with YYY.

It does not allow for interpolating variables. You need to replace s with gs to make it a global search and replace.

The only advantage over the other syntax in my opinion is that you can swap the delimiter character (/) with any other character you like. So if your patterns are heavy on /, you can swap them for _ for example for a more readable format, like ${var:gs_/_#} to replace all / with #.

Tags : #zsh

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