Parsing string as arguments in zsh

I had a commandOptions string variable that I wanted to use as arguments to fzf. But commandOptions had all kind of spaces and quoted strings in it and I had a hard time passing it as a set of distinct arguments and not one long string argument.

The best solution I found was to actually display this commandOptions in a multiline format, where each line was an option. Then, using the ${(f)commandOptions} modifier to read it.


#!/usr/bin/env zsh
local commandOptions=()
commandOptions+="--delimiter=   "
commandOptions+="--bind=change:reload:sleep 0.1;${sourceBinary} {q} || true"

for line in $commandOptions; do
  echo $line


#!/usr/bin/env zsh
local myOptions="$(get_options)"
local selection="$(fzf ${(f)myOptions})"

Tags : #zsh

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