Array (List) functions in vimscript

Vimscript Arrays are called Lists. They have a set of rules and functions that I'll document here for my own reference:


  • They are defined with let myArray=['one', 'two', 'three']
  • They are zero-indexed: echo myArray[0] is one
  • They can be accessed from the end echo myArray[-1] is three


  • add(myArray, 'four') adds a new elements. myArray+=['four'] also works
  • get(myArray, 0, 'default value') reads a value, with a fallback
  • len(myArray) returns 3
  • index(myArray, 'three') returns 2 (or -1 if not found)
  • join(myArray, '/') returns one/two/three
  • split('one/two/three', '/') creates ['one', 'two', 'three']


Tags : #vim

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