Custom completion methods in zsh

I needed to define a custom completion function to suggest files when typing vfa <TAB>. vfa is my alias around git-file-add. I needed it to suggest modified/added files.

Telling zsh about the completion function

I started by telling zsh which completion method to call when completion git-file-add with this code:

compdef _git-files-dirty git-file-add

The convention in zsh is that completion methods should start with _, hence the _git-files-dirty. I didn't name if _git-file-add, because I wanted the name to reflect what it displayed, not the method it was completing

Weaving it together

I created a _.git-files-dirty in my custom zsh config ./config/zsh/completion/compdef directory.

I also need to tell zsh about this path, by adding it to its fpath.

Note that the order here is important:

  • Add the folder to fpath
  • Run compinit
  • Call compdef

Writing the completion function

The _git-files-dirty file must follow a strict convention for zsh to pick it up.

  • It must start with #compdef on its first line
  • It must contain a function named _git-files-dirty

The core of the function itself is free form, the important thing it need to do is build an array of the suggestions and store it in a variable

Once the array if built, it must call _describe -V "Header name" {variableName}.

Note that it should not pass the variable directly (using $), but actually passing the name of the variable.

The -V forces the suggestions to be displayed in the exact order they are saved in the array (otherwise they are alphabetically sorted).

Tags : #zsh

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